2018 Building Better Teams & Inflammation Workshop

The Building Better Teams and Inflammation Management Workshop was held from the 28th of February to the 2nd of March at the RACV Noosa Resort. The workshop was hugely successful with participants hearing from a variety of speakers on a range of topics from people management to inflammation management.

Delegates first heard from Trevor Ambrose- author, international speaker and mentor who has coached more than 90,000 people in business success, sales and communication skills- about developing your team and getting the most out of yourself and your team to create a successful and enjoyable working environment. Trevor held three sessions across the workshop.

The first session titled ‘Top Performing Leaders Mindsets’ focused on your mindset as a leader and understanding your staff members beliefs so you can understand where they are coming from when approaching different situations. The second session titled ‘Build and Boost Your Team’ discussed listening and asking questions as vital in becoming a great leader and the five different levels of leadership were presented. The third session with Trevor was ‘Maximising Potential and Performance’. In this session, personality types were presented with advice on empowering staff and making them accountable for their position and actions and how to approach difficult situations. We hope everyone learnt a lot from Trevor and we look forward to seeing these new skills and knowledge in action!

We also heard from a multitude of speakers about inflammation management. Dean Guenther from Zinpro Performance Minerals spoke to attendees about joint inflammation and the benefits of zinc and chromium in reducing inflammation and stress. He also gave insight into lameness and the Step- Up Program helping identify the severity of lameness with locomotion scoring and correct identification of lesions for a more successful treatment of lameness.

Dr Kev from Bell Vet gave an insightful presentation of Inflammation Management 101 and how the immune system responds to inflammation in the body. Dr Kev also discussed alternatives to antibiotics and the new technologies available such as the Whisper stethoscope to determine lung condition.

Dr Brent from NSA gave an informative presentation about nutrition management and inflammation. He spoke about how feed energy, protein, vitamins and minerals effect inflammation and how to best manage this.

Our guest speaker for the dinner was one of Australia’s most successful, influential and innovative sports coaches- Wayne Bennett. Wayne engaged dinner guests with stories of his coaching career and how he has managed his teams over the years. His main message was to always have a positive working environment where everyone is treated equally, no one is better than anyone else and where everyone is accountable for each other.

A big thank you to Bell Veterinary Services, Zinpro Performance Minerals and Elanco Animal Health for their support and collaboration in making this event a success. We hope all delegates enjoyed the workshop and were able to gain a lot of new knowledge and skills from the presenters.