About Nutrition Service Associates

Nutrition Service Associates has proudly been providing feedlot performance and nutritional consulting to the Australian feedlot industry for over 25 years. We strive to lead the industry in feedlot consulting by offering sound, independent consulting advice that maximises feedlot profitability. NSA understands that not all operations are the same so our feedlot consulting packages are customised for your specific requirements. This includes, but is not limited to, diet formulation, employee training, research and development, benchmarking and feedlot performance prediction and review. Consulting services are also available for Backgrounding, Bull Development and Cow/Calf operations. Please contact a NSA consultant for more information.

Our Services

Feedlot Consulting

We strive to be the industry leaders in providing sound, independent consulting advice that maximises profitability of our client's feed yards.

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Staff Training

Training and retaining staff are key priorities for clients in feedlots throughout Australia. Modular staff training is presented on-site during visits on a variety of topics. The aim is to provide simple, effective training to staff members, which they can utilise on a day to day basis in the feed-yard.

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Internal and external benchmarking of feedlot cattle performance and operational efficiency is essential to understand opportunities for improvement in operational efficiency and profitability. All benchmarking data is strictly confidential.

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Performance Prediction

Predicting performance of feedlot cattle is vital to making accurate purchasing decisions on cattle and profit/loss projection. As a feedlot contributes data to Nutrition Service Associates, customised break-even calculators for a feedlot can be constructed based on long-term seasonal trends and characteristics of the incoming cattle.

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Research and Development

Dr. Holt's strong research background sets the consultancy apart in it's ability to provide sound advice on research and development.

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