About Nutrition Service Associates

Nutrition Service Associates (NSA) has a proud history of servicing the Australian Feedlot Industry. In 1989, an Australian feedlot manager walked into the NSA South-Western United States division office in Hereford, Texas with enquiries about the provision of nutrition consulting services in Australia. Soon after, the company established its office in Australia and has been consulting to the industry for over 25 years. Over this period, Nutrition Service Associates has witnessed the rapid development and expansion of the Australian feedlot industry into one of the world’s leading suppliers of Grain-Fed Beef.

Nutrition Service Associates currently has 16 consulting nutritionists working in five offices in the United States, Canada and Australia, making it one of the largest feedlot consulting groups in the world. All consultants have post-graduate qualifications and meet on a yearly basis in the United States for review of the latest research on feedlot cattle nutrition.

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