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Crystal Charles is the office manager

Crystal Charles

BA (Marketing & PR)

Office Manager

Email: admin@nsaaust.com.au

Ph: 07-4528-2407



Dr Simone Holt

Consulting Nutritionist

Email: sholt@nsaaust.com.au

Mobile: 0448-175-715

Grace James is a feedlot consultant

Grace James

Feedlot Consultant

Email: gjames@nsaaust.com.au

Mobile: 0487-780-870

Damien Nankervis, feedlot consultant

Damien Nankervis

Feedlot Consultant

Email: dnankervis@nsaaust.com.au

Mobile: 0438-300-309

About the Consultants

Dr Simone Holt

Dr. Holt obtained both her undergraduate and doctoral degrees from the University of Queensland, Gatton. Simone’s Ph.D. research investigated the effects of nutrition on feedlot cattle heat stress, and was conducted at the University of Nebraska, USA. Considered an expert in the field of heat stress, Simone, moved to the United States after conclusion of her degrees in Australia. Relocating to the Northern Great Plains region, she undertook a post-doctoral fellowship at the South Dakota University under renowned researcher Dr. Robbi Pritchard. Subsequent to that position, Simone was promoted to the position of Assistant Professor which she undertook until the end of 2005. Since the beginning of 2006, Simone has worked as feedlot consultant for Hubbard Feeds based out of Minnesota, servicing clients throughout the Mid-Western United States.

Looking to move closer to home, Simone commenced employment with Nutrition Service Associates in October, 2010. Simone bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the company in the areas of heat stress, feeding cattle for high quality markets, feeding distillers by-products, implant programs, bunk management and staff training.

Grace James

Grace grew up in Tasmania, living at Forth on the North-West coast and Relbia near Launceston where she attended Scotch Oakburn College. Grace was interested in rural life from a young age and this led her to study a Bachelor of Rural Science at the University of New England, NSW, which she completed in 2015. Studying at UNE enabled her to develop both practical and theoretical knowledge through the hands-on learning provided. This study further developed Grace’s passion for the agriculture industry in particular beef production, animal health and nutrition.
During her university studies, Grace also had the chance to work on various sheep, cattle and cropping properties as well as undertaking full time employment at JBS Caroona Feedlot as Induction Foreperson in her final year of study. This practical experience has been invaluable to Grace in increasing her knowledge of all aspects of the feedlot industry. Grace joined NSA in January 2016 and in her quest to further her knowledge and skills in Feedlot nutrition and management, in 2018 has undertaken a Master of Animal Science at the University of Queensland, Gatton College. Grace looks forward to continuing her studies and developing a career as a feedlot consultant.

Damien Nankervis

Damien Nankervis is an animal scientist, specialising in ruminant nutrition. He completed a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at the University of Queensland in 1997 and completed an honours project investigating the protein binding capacity of a new Leucaena cultivar. From 2002-2005, Damien was the lead researcher at CSIRO Livestock Industries on a project investigating rumen kinetics of molasses-fed beef cattle.

Damien has worked for 25 years in commercial agriculture in a technical capacity, supporting primary producers, rural merchandisers, premix and stock feed operations and dry and liquid supplement manufacturers. Damien has experience in intensive and grazing beef and sheep operations as well as dairy production and management.

Damien is an Honorary Fellow of the Australian Association of Ruminant Nutrition and was President (2015 – 2017), Vice President (2014, 2018), Secretary (2019) and general committee member (2012 – 2014).

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